Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Like Clockwork.

Time for my first feature. Today I am inspired by all the wonderful details put into Steam Punk/Clockwork art, and I began to look at what Esty sellers have created with peaces of clockwork.

My First Feature is the lovely Gothic Lolita Earrings by GhostLoveJewelry.
These lovely little clocks designed to hang from your ears were influenced by Alice in Wonderland, and it shows that in a way that is none too childish and crazy, but rather a dignified and elegant way.

My second Feature is this unique Clockwork Swallow by amechanicalmind.
This pendant is put together with such simple, yet creative thought so that the parts of a watch take the shape of a bird. It's not easy to make something that looks so simple yet is so smartly put together that it becomes more elegant the more you look at it.

My last, but certainly not least, Feature for the Clockwork collection is  the Queen of Hearts Ring by 19Moons.
This ring is so detailed and stunning I could hardly take my eyes off it. the colors and metal seem to shine in a way all it's own.

I love all three of the items Featured in this blog, But who says you have to stop at looking at only three? I have also made a Treasury featuring more stunning items like these. Please take a look.

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